Day 103 Bringing wearable technologies to Golf



Day 103 Bringing wearable technologies to Golf

John McGuire founded Active Mind Technologies ( when he moved from Ireland to San Francisco in 2010. Their leading product Game Golf allows through a wearble device for players gather stats on their location of shots, the distance the ball travelled, and club used. This data can be loaded on the cloud and shared with friends. The firm recently had very successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and they also have gained investment from Adidas, Chamath Paliphaitya, Jerry Yang, Ed Colligan, Hosain Rahman, Seagate Technology, ACT Ventures, Enterprise Equity, Cross-link Partners, Moroda Ventures. Sports stars Graeme McDowell and surfer Kelly Slater have also invested. The company still maintains its Irish roots by having its R&D and manufacturing based in Galway. Read more here


Day 102 Linked Finance: giving SMEs a helping hand



Day 102 Linked Finance: giving SMEs a helping hand

Linked Finance ( is online crowd funding platform set up in 2013 in Dublin. Their platform allows person to person lending to Irish SMEs, allowing them access to capital while vetted companies to allow investors some comfort on the return. Some of leading entrepreneurs have backed LinkedIn Finance such as Bobby Kerr, Senator Feargal Quinn, and Kingsley Aikins, as well as Irish American businessmen Carl Shanahan and Peter Hooper.  The firm predicts that by the end of 2016, they will have lent €100M translating into to 3,500business loans, 10,000 Jobs and €220M to the Irish economy. Read more here

Day 101 Keeping the world looking young



Day 101 Keeping the world looking young

All the world supply of Botox is manufactured in Ireland. Allergan Pharmaceuticals employs 800 people at the Westport plant in Co Mayo and is responsible for manufacturing 100% of the global supply of Botox. The net worldwide sale of the treatment was worth £1.3billion last year. Read more here.

Day 100 Confidence Surges amongst Irish CEOs



Day 100 Confidence Surges amongst Irish CEOs

PwC’s 2014 CEO Pulse Survey has shown a threefold increase in confidence in the Irish economy by Irish CEOs (86% up from 31% last year). The report also showed 9 out of 10 Irish CEOs of multi-nationals plan to maintain or increase their investment of the next year. Added to this 58% of companies are planning to increase their workforce. Read more here

Day 98 Supporting LIFE App, saving lives in rural Africa


Supp life

Day 98 Supporting LIFE App, saving lives in rural Africa

Supporting LIFE ( is a project led by a team at UCC. Focusing on providing low-cost, effective and targeted information using mobile phones in remote & resource-poor areas allow local health professionals access to information. Siobhán O’Connor, a PhD student at UCC, recently has won a prestigious TEDMED Frontline Scholarship, US-based community of researchers, academics and entrepreneurs focused on using information and technology in the service of medicine and health ( for a smartphone app which gives “lifesaving support” to medical professionals in remote Africa and present the app at a conference in Washington DC in September. Read more here.

Day 97 Shimmer, leading partner in wearable technologies



Day 97 Shimmer, leading partner in wearable technologies

Dublin firm Shimmer Technology ( focused in developing applications wearable wireless sensor technology. Use technology originally developed by Intel the company has been developing application for its sensor platform, which monitors movement and biophysical readings. The company focuses on using its technology for medical devices, neuro-marketing, and sport performance. It has been working in collaboration with companies such as Emerge Diagnostics, Kinesis and Telefonica. Shimmer is expecting its revenue to triple next year. Read more here.